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The Myall Lakes are a series of fresh water lakes in the Mid North Coast region of New South Wales, Australia in Great Lakes Council. The lakes are adjacent to the coast about 250 kilometres (155 mi) north of Sydney.

There are three Myall Lakes, called Myall Lake, Boolambyte Lake and The Broadwater. Smiths Lake is close to the northern Myall Lake, but is not connected. The lakes are partially interconnected and navigable by small craft. The Myall River flows into the western side of The Broadwater. The Myall River also flows out of The Broadwater and meanders southwest where it empties into Port Stephens between the towns of Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest. The lower Myall River progressively becomes saltier and more tidal as it flows southwards.

Most of the Myall Lakes are surrounded by the Myall Lakes National Park. National Parks and Wildlife Service operate a car ferry across the lake at Bombah Point. The area between the lakes and the sea is mainly uninhabited coastal woodlands and long isolated beaches although some of it was mined for heavy mineral sands before the 1970s. The village of Bungwahl is located on the northern shore of Myall Lake. There are a number of small islands in the lakes.

At the northern end of Myall Lake lies Mayers Point. This was the centre of a timber industry established by Allen Taylor and Company Limited. To assist in the transport of the logs from the forests to the lake, an extensive light railway system was constructed.
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